May 30, 2007

Too Many Words? - Time for Some Housecleaning

My goodness! My 18 yr. old daughter says my posts are too long! Doesn't she realize that after years of raising "all those kids", that I need to s t r e t c h my brain to even communicate in complete sentences again? My daughter-in-law in Florida notes that there's room for improvement, too.

I know I've been writing essays. Excuse me, but I don't know who's going to read my efforts. I feel that I have a lot of explaining to do, and I'm still learning what BLOG means, anyway! (excuses, excuses...)

Maybe I'll get shorter with practice. I don't mean to fill the web-ways with unnecessary language, but maybe I can tip a balance somehow -towards the positive, remarkable, wonderful stuff of life. Speaking of which, I hope to point your eyes towards Dorcas Smucker's blog, Life in the Shoe. I put her link at the bottom of my page - check her out!

Also, I want to throw this out there: why did I head my blog with words about listening to God? It seems that it's more about you listening to me. I really am known as a listener, and my favorite thing is to notice when God speaks something to my heart for just the moment. But since it's for MY heart, how can I communicate that with you?

I'm the one that people unload on. I have a listening ear, and I genuinely want to love others by giving them my time. That gets me into trouble sometimes. I'm not good at saying, "okay, I'm done listening; good-bye!"

Any suggestions? I think I'll work on changing the heading. I don't want it to appear I'm too spooky, anyway. Time to think things through.

I could write more personal stuff, but who wants to hear that today I'm having my "time of the month" for the first time in SEVEN months? I could send a lot of readers away (far away!). On the other hand, maybe menopausal women want to talk! And maybe the younger women want to see a bit of what's ahead...

Okay, I'll copy Mrs. Smucker's form of offering a quote of the day:

"and you're not dead yet?"

-Liz, our 6 yr. old foster daughter, on hearing me say that she needed to listen to me because I'd been a professional mother for 27 years.


Joshua Dayvees said...

Ahoy ama! Liz made me laugh. I don't think you're too long winded. What the heck is the point if you don't get to say whatever you want on here? Forget those girls. They have short attention spans anyway, apparently. What, they can't tarry for an extra two minutes to read all the way through? The oldest Davis child and family love you!

Amy D. said...

Hello,Mummy. This is your 18-year-old daughter speaking. I like the blog. Very cool. And,yes, I still do think that need to quit writing essays and start doing more of the journal entry thing... Luvy ya!