June 11, 2007

First Day of Work

I started work on my knees!
How appropriate! I wasn't asked to clean the carpet, but I was anxious to start my new job, so I volunteered. My younger boss may not have known that I have achey bones, but I really wanted to see how much I could do.

I allowed myself to enjoy the scrubbing, down on my hands and knees with a steam-cleaning machine that's meant for cleaning car interiors. Singing, whistling, humming... Getting up (slowly) and stretching... Changing my position (slowly) and cleaning smaller portions (slowly)...

Physical labor is not like it used to be for me. I'm still glad I can do it, but now it costs me more! But I did enjoy it! --the singing part anyway.

I know that I won't always have easy days at work. I've been around long enough to know that harder times come. I've also learned that my joy has to be in Jesus, not in situations, feelings or "things".

I loved chasing my little boys down the hall after their baths, and scooping them up in a towel and handing them to their father. But the heart of my joy was in Jesus, who gave me those three little boys - and their father! If my joy wasn't in Him, then I'd be depressed because those days are over!

I loved holding my little daughter as she fell asleep, till she was far too old to want naps! I enjoy the memory of comforting them when their heads were hot, or the bee-stings hurt, or sharp words were spoken.

I loved encouraging them at their basketball games, taking part in each of their weddings, and standing in the hall when my grandchildren were born. But my eyes are on the One who made such wonderful things for me to enjoy!

When they grew up, I then enjoyed caring for someone else's children. Abused, neglected, annoying, un-taught, uncivilized! Or the one that was already a teen from the big city, often sitting up late with me while we learned to understand each other. Difficult, but precious times.

In all of these there were times for being on my knees. Okay, so I rambled on and now I'm trying to make it all tie in together (sorry).

Hard work is good. Being on my knees is good. Now, going to bed is good! (good-night!)

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