June 9, 2007

New Job Description Coming...Monday!


A family friend has sought me out to help with his small business office! We're working on what that job description will be, but so far I'll start with organization and scheduling appointments. One thing I appreciate about my new boss, is that he says he wants to "work with me", and not that he wants to "hire me". Isn't that just cool? The arrangement seems ideal in every way.

For those not in tune with my previous posts: during the past 29 years, I've been a stay-at-home, home schooling mom, have had an eBay business and child care business in my home, been a caregiver for disabled adults, foster mom, and family and home management expert! My interests are in writing, calligraphy, photography, missions, leading worship at church, keeping our family budget, playing on the floor with my grandchildren, raising chickens... And this all adds up to me working in an office? Yes! Believe it or not, YES!

I prepared for office work in high school, but that was in 1974! a-hem!

I honestly didn't think that it would happen so soon, and I can't really explain how I know that this is God's leading. One thing I've been telling my friends, is that after weeks of research, musings, prayers, soul-searching, career assessments, etc., I heard God's "voice" - it was a gentle prodding: "get a job". I understood. He wasn't saying that I just grab at any old thing, though I had at one point thought I might start by cleaning the floors at Dairy Queen. He was saying that the preliminary stuff was over, and now it was time to get my hands dirty and go to work!

Within just a few days this family friend contacted my brother and asked about me as a prospective employee. He too, had been trying to listen to God's voice.

So, I'm diving in! YIPPPEEEEE! As Julie Andrews, as Maria Von Trapp, said at the end of her song, "I've Got Confidence" in The Sound of Music, "oh, help". Like her, my confidence is big, but, "oh, help!"

Our former-foster-almost-adopted 11-yr. old daughter ("K") is here with us this week-end. It's fun to have her back. We still need contact with each other for assurance that things are going well with her and her brothers in their new foster home.

She was separated from them for so long, and though we thought that having us as her parents was more important to her well-being than having them together in the same home, God changed my heart.

How did He do that?

I'm continually amazed at how He worked in me to help me understand that my definition of "family" could be stretched to include more of a network of supportive "family". My family is not as it was, and that is GOOD! Yes, God can do anything. Yes, I will trust Him.

quote of the day:

"I think you need this more than I do" -- "K" said this to my husband as she gave him the quarter that she had been playing with.

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