June 27, 2007

Frustrated With MS Word 2003!

Welcome to my blog!

If you read through a few of my posts, you might see that I am a woman in transition, and extremely excited about it - also extremely amazed by it!

I'm anxious to learn what you have to teach in this course.

Oh! You just came by this computer and we talked about all this, so now I have nothing to get more descriptive about... oh, well.

Happy reading, and happy teaching!



Allow me to vent - - I promise I'll be nice!

My course in Microsoft Word is giving me fits right now, and I've only been enrolled ONE week! It's a distance learning course, so I don't get to speak with an instructor. At least, she hasn't answered my emails yet. There was no course Orientation, only an email greeting from our instructor.

The textbook is asking me to open some titled files that I cannot find. It doesn't suggest where I might find them, or if I was to create them. My assignments this week were mostly to edit these files.

So, since my instructor was unresponsive, I went ahead and created some imaginary files to edit. At least I'm learning the concepts, I'm just unable to do the assigned work, and therefore I won't hand in the proper assignments on time. My satisfaction will just have to be that I'm learning, and not that I'll have perfect grades.

I went to the campus on Friday (yesterday), intending to devote as much time as needed to complete them, with help from the lab assistant. (My assignments are due Sunday at midnight) Guess what! The campus is closed on Fridays during summer term! I found some computers available in the student center, but they don't have Word installed on them. Not to be quickly derailed, I sat in my car for 4 hours studying the material anyway. Like I said, at least I'm learning - whether it looks good to anyone else or not!

It actually was a perfect way to study. There were rain showers passing through and complete privacy. I got to enjoy the lush green Oregon landscape, and then buckle down and teach myself some new things I've always wanted to learn. I could still enjoy this work! I DO enjoy learning this!

I decided to go to my office computer (8 miles away) to complete my imaginary assignments, but the computer there wouldn't give me internet access to email them to the instructor. So, again, not to give up too quickly, I decided to burn them on a CD and then try to email them from home (20 miles away). I don't have Word on my home computer, but I thought that shouldn't make a difference in my ability to send these documents via email.

My office computer wouldn't burn the files.

This old/new student got tears in her eyes. I wanted to crash and burn for only a brief moment (for the fourth time this week), and then I remembered that this is exactly what I'd asked for. New challenges, new ways to prove myself, new adventures, new things to discover and learn... I was back in the game again!


My daughter's friend read my blog a month ago and said something like, "she needs to get a life". My answer to that? I've had a wonderful one - Now I'm gettin'a new one... (no snippiness intended)

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