June 14, 2007

This Is My Office

This is my office. (notice the picture in the left column)
This is my office before the paint dries.
This is my office before the desk gets set up.
This is my office before I place the files in the drawer.
This is my office before the computer gets plugged in and I learn how to run the program.
This is my office in my dream.

What will I do when that first call comes in, and a customer asks me something that I don't have an answer for? I will be ready.

Ya know what I did today? I registered for some business classes at the community college! So now I think I'm an office manager and a student! It must be a mid-life DREAM! Or, maybe a DELUSION!

Will it become a nightmare? There's so much I'm clueless about, and yet, my faith says that God has prepared me for this. It has to be true.

At least I'm honest. I know I don't know much. I'm a work-in-progress, an efficient business person in her infancy. Is this like being "born again"?

At the most, I'm right where God wants me. He has brought me here. The family I'm working with is becoming like my own family, and we get along well together. We will make a great team!

So, welcome into my thoughts tonight, as I trust Him and keep on pushing toward a new goal in my life. He can do this! He can lead a "fraidy-cat" old girl into a whole new lifestyle-description. I asked for it!

See the picture? I actually forgot that the paint rag was in my back pocket when I left for a shopping trip! I'm sure someone got a laugh out of seeing me!

Some day I'll laugh that I wrote this. For now, I'm just enjoying what I don't see!

thought of the day: "do not despise the day of small beginnings"
-from one of the old prophets in the Bible - I'll find him later.

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