July 21, 2007

An Account of My Life

My friend, Wendell, asked me to give an account of the last 30 years of my life. We’ve been out of touch just about that long, can you believe it? How time has flown – and yet, time was well-invested!

He found my page on Facebook.com, and contacted me just two weeks ago…* Such a tall order, though! How can I recount 30 years?

I’ll give it a shot, anyway:

1978: I married my husband, the man I’d prayed about for years before. I had asked God to “save my future husband”, if he didn’t know God’s love yet – and that’s what happened! He was an apprentice saw-filer, and I, a cook, janitor, care-giver, etc.!
1979: Our first son, the “sprinter”, was born
1980: Our second son, the “football player”, was born
1983: Our third son, our “joy boy”, was born
1989: Our daughter, the “only begotten” girl, was born
1990: Because of the magnanimous rent increases we were suffering, we jumped on an opportunity to live almost rent-free on a rural property in a 2-bed. mobile home. When our two older boys became teens, they moved into our tiny “camper”. This answered my childhood dream to live like Laura in “Little House on the Prairie”, and my husband’s prayer to live on this property where he’d enjoyed so many years hunting deer. The spring was dry 2 mths. out of the year, so we hauled water from a friend’s house to flush the toilets and wash our dishes, etc., until our landlord put in a new well for us. Hey, I asked for this!
1991: We began attending Christ’s Center Church in Junction City, and remain to this day. Four of us from my family take part in the worship ministry – vocals and guitars. We took in a homeless woman and watched her heal. She stayed 2 yrs.
1994ish: We purchased the property!
1997: The year our first son graduated from high school God blessed us with a larger home! He went to “Youth A Mission”, and his brother went the following year. We took in a youth from Harlem to live with us one year and attend the Christian School.
2000: My husband left the lumber industry to work for a close friend in his landscaping business.
2001: My husband and I went on our mission trip to India where we served a pastor’s conference by helping to lead worship.
2003: My husband and I went on our first mission trip to Zambia with “Heart For the World”, which is associated with the Vineyard Church. This is also the year our first foster placement came to us, whom we’d planned to adopt in 2007. The adoption plan fell through, and she now lives in a local foster home with her brothers in a very agreeable arrangement. We have her over for weekends once in awhile and remain a part of her life (she’s 11 yrs. old). When she left us we retired from fostering, after serving a total of nine children.
2006: My daughter graduates from high school/home school. She is enrolled in community college as an underage student. She takes care of her nephew 1 or 2 days a week. This year we also took our 2nd mission trip to Zambia. We believed we would be missionaries there for at least a year – but that didn’t materialize. I’m so glad God is God, and we are HIS!
2007: Now I have three daughters-in-law and three grandchildren. My first son married his high school sweetheart and works locally in the motor home (coach) industry. He performs with his band in local venues and helps lead worship at church. His son carries on the “family name” initials (JTD). My second son serves God and our country in the Air Force and has been deployed twice so far. He married his sweetheart from YWAM Texas and they live with their son in Florida. My third son is employed in the same business as his father. His wife is a country-girl at heart and cares for children in their home with my only granddaughter!
Also in 2007: – I see God do amazing things as He encourages me along the path of pursuing employment and education… He opened doors, I walked in, and the adventure continues! I definitely have a goal of increasing our wealth and productivity for the Kingdom of God. He’s answered all my (deepest) prayers, so now I’m ready for “the next thing”. I will love Him and serve Him to my last breath.

*to find me, go to www.facebook.com and type in the group name: “Lib House Friends Forever”

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