August 3, 2007

Blog Neglect, but LIFE happens!

Two more weeks and my summer schooling will be over! It's just amazing, the eye-opening experiences I've had regarding who I am and what is coming in my life. But I really can't stop yet and record it right now! I've got two assignments due tonight. It's not just the classes, but my work hours have increased also. You'll have to wait!

My friend Wendell, whom I addressed in my previous post, must think I'm a nut because I act interested in re-connecting with him and his family, but don't take the time to answer his questions! I pray he'll understand - it's been years since I've been this busy...and this excited about it!

In case you have any interest, I DID take the time to make a little e-birthday greeting for my sister that I'll post:

have an awesome birthday today!
You are precious to me, and I'm so blessed to see God's blessing on you this year (#50?). Thank-you for not giving up. Thank-you for not rolling over and dying, even though that would have been a relief to your turmoil. Thank-you for pushing through to do one of the hardest things you may have ever had to tackle: getting your degree.
I'm not going to say that you deserve God's blessing - 'cause none of us do. I AM going to say, "Our God is great, and His love for you is immeasurable!!!! He has not removed His hand from your life, but has only drawn you in closer! -and there's a man attached to his blessing!" wow!

Thanks for following Him, Sista. Thanks for giving me courage to jump when I had the chance - into schooling! Thanks for linking yourself to this awesome man of God, and making him my brother-in-law!
I love you dearly,


Jodie said...

I see typos sure you weren't cut out for medical transcription? it should be "in regard to" or "with regard to" but not "regards"...that's for good byes..."Best regards".... J

Kathy Davis said...

Thank-you, Jodie! It was great having Mexican lunch with you last week. Yum! I sure appreciate your time and input.

Anyway, I corrected my post. Tell me what you think, okay?