August 5, 2007

How About Editing/Proofreading?

I've mentioned it before. It's old news around here. VERY old news!
My daughter rolls her eyes.
My sons don't care.
My husband is tired of it, but he's too kind to roll his eyes (or not care).
My daughters-in-law haven't been around me enough to be genuinely annoyed.

Instead of, "I see dead people", (which is from a movie I haven't seen)
I see typ-os!

I can't watch tv or movies for long without throwing my hand over my mouth, because the typos are there, and nobody cares but me. That is, unless they see one first - then I've been outdone!

My college instructor was actually impressed when I informed her of a typo in the textbook. One week later I fell over another one. I haven't the nerve to tell her of the one that hit me tonight. You see, the textbook is Microsoft Word 2003. It's the authority on handling WORDS!!!!!

So, she has suggested I get an appointment with the local publishing house for some advice about pursuing a career in editing.

Do you know how intimidating that is???

But oh, how awesome that would be! I'd LOVE to do that! I'm still having way too much fun with my homework. I study a document and the instructions for making tables and columns, changing fonts, organizing information, hyphenating, spacing get the picture. Then it all looks good and I'm pleased. It's technical and challenging, and I love it. How cool it would be to do that with words associated with Christian publishing? wow....

let me dream

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