August 15, 2007

Pickin' the Berries

I finished the final exam in my computer class today, and tomorrow I complete my summer term 2007. Maybe I should be studying right now, but I'd rather write!

I don't know if I'll continue to take classes next term. My financial aid didn't cover as well as I thought it might, and my personal mandate this season has been to to bring in income. So, my "hearing heart" is discerning that my true desire is to work!

I felt a strong impression (I believe it was from God) in church in May to "get a job", after several months of experimenting with starting my own business. Just weeks later a beautiful opportunity opened up, and I KNEW it was right for me to dive in.

Right now the harvest that's available to me is in the small car-detail office I work in. If the blackberries are ripe, like they are right now all over our property, then it's time to pick them! So, I'm pickin'!

I honestly believe that there's abundance coming to me personally. I've faithfully cared for my family, and the rewards are yet to be displayed. This new line of work for this former "stay at home" mom is a new way to care for and display my faith to my family.

He said He makes all things new. I didn't know He meant THIS!

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