September 3, 2007

Oh, Ma Goodness!

Encouraged again! I'm just encouraged again!

Out of the blue, my new boss and new friend, Eric, called a contact from the publishing company that I’d wanted to contact and got a recommendation for me!

My business instructor had said that I should ask someone at this company some questions about the path I should take in order to get into a proofreading or editing position. She encouraged me to be prepared with a resume’. (It's very interesting to draft a resume' when you've spent the bulk of your time the last 28 years as a family manager-at-home mom!) I did come up with a pretty nice one, though, and have it with me in case something should open up for me.

He doesn't seem concerned that he might lose me as an employee - though I'm more than that to him. He's a family friend, and we've been working together to build up his small car detailing business this summer. By calling this contact he has opened a door for me that I didn't want to try to open myself. You see, I wanted to contact this company through relationships, not just "cold-turkey out-of-nowhere walk in the door”!

I sat at my desk with him across from me, trying to occupy myself with the computer while he was talking to this contact. Trying to "be cool", I just raised my eyebrows once in a while and answered an occasional question. He told her about our relationship and my integrity and my hopes, etc. She was full of information for him...

Inside of me my inner child was screaming, "does he know how much I've wanted this?"

She told him that right now is the peak time for hiring proofreaders, and that it's mostly work at home, and that the lady I should call is due back in her office tomorrow.


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Jodie said...

hey, I have such a young voice that when people would call and I would answer, they would ask for my parents and I would say, "They don't live here." and hang up usually.... I'm a '62 model myself!!

I love the grades on the fridge. GOOD JOB!!

did you get the pictures I sent of Susie? I'm excited to hear what happens next in the proofing department. Jodie