November 24, 2007

We Worshipped Him

I've never been comfortable talking about myself, but I've learned lately that doing so can be a healthy thing. Jerry and I led worship with our team Sunday morning, and the dynamic was just awesome. We all in our weaknesses came together and made a strong statement of unity and worship to our God. All ages were intensely involved - in fact, my grandson Jackson wriggled away from his mother and did a little dance in the aisle before Aunt 'Nell snatched him up! Several of our youth "stepped up", along with many of our older ones (older than I).

I could make a long list of all the things that I am not, and do not have. Together we were powerful! I wasn't feeling well, but somehow my voice remained strong for a much longer time than has ever happened before. It seemed like all of us were being careful to keep the worship pure and not let our thoughts dwell too much on ourselves. I remember thinking that the pastor was just going to skip his sermon and we'd go on and on...

I'm attaching below the memo from our Big Daddy Worship Leader. I must say that he makes us sound awfully good. Much of what he says we did wasn't a carefully scripted plan. It wasn't all that, really; it was just that we used some well-known songs (familiarity) and loved God with all we had - together! Wow!


Subject: Thank you!
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007

Thanks, all of you for a great worship time yesterday!
You guys set the tone for a wonderful expression of love to the Lord. It was tight and interesting musically including great layering and dynamic variety, the "just voices and percussion" segments were well placed and the voice work was excellent--a great combination. Your humility and desire to worship God yourselves was evident to me as well. God shows up (and He did) when we go in heads-low, dedicate ourselves to unity and engage Him (and the body did so on Sunday). You guys did that. To cap it all off the sound in the house was just right, nice work Rob! We couldn't do what we do without you, Andrew and the projectionists!
Thanks again for pulling me in! From the first note you set the compelling atmosphere of His presence.

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