December 26, 2007

Grandchild Number Four

I'm sorry I've taken so long a break from blogging. I have actually been re-assessing my commitment. Because I want to maintain a level of privacy, I don't reveal everything that happens in my life. And then, what really is the purpose of my blog, anyway? Shall I just stumble along, and see what develops? Am I wasting my time?

A local lady, Dorcas Smucker (Life in the Shoe), tells about family trips, health issues, her children, and discloses far more than I would feel comfortable doing. Maybe I'm more suspicious. Maybe she's more SECURE! I don't know.

All I know is that I want to be real, and I want to share the love of God that I discover daily. I want to encourage others. I'm the "older woman" now, and the Scriptures tell me that I have something to teach younger women.

ON THE OTHER HAND - I don't want to expose myself unnecessarily. All that I would say may not be beneficial.

Show me your ways, O Lord!

OH! We just learned that my fourth grandchild is undoubtedly a little boy! I don't know how dependable ultrasound is these days - but it's fun to think we understand a little more about this coming child! Yippeee!

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