December 9, 2007

Pray for young missionaries-in-training, and their families, at YWAM – Youth With a Mission

It was announced in our church service this morning that the Denver, Colorado YWAM base has suffered the loss of two of its youth because of an attack from a gunman. Two others were injured.

The young people were cleaning up after a banquet and the gunman came in, asking for a place to stay the night. When he was told he couldn’t stay there, he pulled out his gun and shot, and then left on foot.

My son was based there a few years ago.

How hard it would be to receive news like this about my own son! Even though I would constantly comfort myself with the memory of giving him back to the Lord just moments after he was born… I know I’d be racking my brain to understand this. I’m not going to pretend that I could, in any way, predict how I would respond!

So, let’s just pray.

The “YWAMmers”, as we’ve called them in the past, are preparing to forgive the shooter.

Let’s pray that their families and friends would be comforted by the Holy Spirit, and that the gunman would be caught. I also pray that the injured ones would be healed and restored, and even more determined to see the good news of the kingdom of God preached to everyone who hasn’t heard.

While we’re at it, let’s pray against fear.

Then, let’s raise our hands to the Lover of our souls and thank Him that the darkness in this world, as we know it now, is only temporary! Thank you, Lord!

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