February 7, 2008

First Proofreading Job!

I started today!
I completed my first proofreading work for a website - AND received positive feedback for my efforts.

A satisfied customer!
Okay, she's my friend; but still, it's a gift from God and my proofreading career has begun! Today! YEA!

I told God, when I felt that tug on my heart to become a foster parent, that I would commit to one child, and if I was done after that I would be satisfied to just help the one. I challenged my husband to try just one. All I want is to not back off of something challenging because of my own fear. If it turns out to be sour, then I'll spit it out and try a different fruit!

I have done one proofreading job. He has answered my longing. Tomorrow is in His hands.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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