February 16, 2008

Still Waiting for the Children

On this beautifully sunny, quiet Saturday morning I'd like to update our foster care situation.

The case worker is doing an awesome job working on the children's case, to assess their needs and plans for them. I hear bits of news through the grapevine about her progress, and I am pleased at her thoroughness. Since the children are currently in a foster family that's willing to be flexible with their length of stay, there's really no reason to hurriedly pull them out and relocate them.

I have some anxiety about my own situation right now, too. I'm in a state of limbo, of insecurity, about my own future. The children may not be placed with us after all! Maybe only one of them will come.

I'm getting a lot of tasks done at home - organizing, planning, exercising. I'm actually working harder than I did when I was employed away from home!

I've made time to take long walks and talk to God during the day. I listen, and I ask Him for different things, but it all comes back to my deepest desire to just leave it all in His hands - and trust Him!

In my previous post I talked about taking a "leap" into this new life. I think about the children... Their's wasn't a willing "leap"! It was more like they were "launched" into the unknown. I can imagine their cries and their screams in the darkness.

Show me how to pray for the children, Father.


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