February 12, 2008

We Got the Call...Again

This time it's two children who are known to us!

My last post was an announcement that I had started my desired career in Proofreading. One year ago this month my husband and I retired from foster parenting. We were sure we were done.

Yesterday we were called by acquaintances - with the request to rescue their children from a stranger's foster home and take them into ours. Wow!

If I am to become a foster mother again, then I must devote all my energy to it and give the children my best. That means putting the brakes on all the dreams I've dreamed and plans I've planned this whole year!

The only thing I can say is that this has to be one of those "adventures" of life. Wow!

I should be alarmed, I suppose; but the problem is - this may be God's design! It's possible that all we've been through as a family has had God's hand on it, to bring us to this day when we'd be available to care for these two precious children that He made! My husband and I have prayed that we might make a difference in their lives. Maybe this is the reason we became foster parents in the first place - just for these!

Lord, help!


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