February 27, 2008

We're On! - Foster Update

Two and one half weeks ago the children I've been praying for entered foster care for the second time in three months. We were called to become a placement for them, should they not be able to return to one of their parents.

In court today it was determined that neither parent was able to care for them at this time, so their children will be placed in our custody. We requested that their current foster placement keep them over the weekend, since we'd made arrangements to help my mother-in-law with her move to a new home. I was told that the children may need to move before the weekend. The case worker said initially that it should be a short-term placement, but, as my husband says, "it's not set in stone". They could be with us a very long time.

So, after wiping the sweat off of my head and neck (I've been riding my exercise bike!) I called our certifier to inform her of our need to expediate the process of recertification.

The little girl is 4, her brother is 3. We live with lots of space around us, and little brother loves being outside. Culture shock might hit his sister, though, when she realizes there is no TV to stare at! Looks like I'll be reading lots of stories and playing lots of games!

When I informed my husband of their status, I told him that I had only been imagining the "worst case scenario" with having them in my home - of our things being broken and disruptions and noise and all; until just now. Now my faith has to kick in, and I have to say that if my life has come to this day, then God has been preparing the way.

The strength, the wisdom, the insight will be there - "for such a time as this". I can't offer any excuses when I'm trusting God. I can't say that I'm too old for parenting, or too tired, or too busy, or even unwilling! If He is my resource, then I have everything I need.

That's all!

I have everything I need.


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