March 31, 2008

Spring Term

Today is the first day of spring term for my daughter and me. She's taking two classes at a local community college, determined to get through school without incurring debt. "You go, girl!"

I am taking a music class (voice) and a writing class. I am a background vocalist/worship leader, and I am a proofreader. I would love to excel in both things, but I don't know what my future is in either venue. Simply put, I will worship God and sing to Him, as the psalmist says, "as long as I have breath".

As for proofreading, I still entertain doubts as to how I will make it my business, therefore I am also taking a course from Kathy Ide, of The Christian PEN. It's title is, "Establishing Your Freelance Business". I know I need to pray and clarify my mission statement, so that I can stay on track, so I will get to that sometime in the next few days. (Probably not today, since I must play with my little grandson!)

I could start it like this: "The desire and drive of my life is to stay close to God. (insert scripture here) To help me do this I remind myself of His first commandment, which is to love Him! If I love Him, I will want to spend time with Him, to listen to Him, to obey Him, to walk with Him, to talk about Him. If I love Him, I will obey His second commandment, which is to love my neighbor as myself. (That means I must love myself!) If I love Him, I will love the people that He made, and doing that will show them His love for them. This will easily translate into the practical - starting with getting my husband's dinner tonight and praying for my children."

How's that for a start?


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