April 9, 2008

Strengthen My Frugaltude


It means an "attitude of frugality". A strong word, like the word "fortitude". I want to strengthen this quality, so here are my thoughts on it:

Being content with little, delaying satisfaction for greater pleasure at a later time.

Enjoying simple pleasures in life NOW. Anticipating simple pleasures growing in scope, duration, or value LATER.

Like fertile seeds that we've been given or have harvested ourselves; some we eat, some we share, and some we put in the ground to harvest later.

The picture I see in my mind is of a woman in Africa scooping up spilled rice in the dirt, to sift out later in the privacy of her home. She works quickly, fingering the individual grains of rice and putting them in her basket. She may be poor, or she may just have frugaltude! Perhaps she can offer some of her recovered rice to a missionary pastor, or invite a hungry friend to a meal to share the gospel with her . . .

One aspect of my frugaltude is to avoid going into any kind of debt at almost all costs! Debt robs me of my "tude" of contentment. I may be practicing frugality, but it's not fun if I have debt!

I have been contemplating this word for about a week now, and it makes sense to me. It's an attitude I've cultivated over my adult years; at times becoming an obsession, but usually balanced and enjoyable. I've never heard it before, but I think I'll use it now!

Strengthen your frugaltude, young lady!

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Josh said...

I love this word and will incorporate it into my daily life. Thanks for sharing