September 24, 2008

Wednesday, Not Monday Simple Woman...oops!

Leave it to me to break some rule!

Instead of updating my Simple Woman Monday snippets this Monday, I played. My birthday was this week, so I stayed at my parents' house for a few days. With daughter busy with nephews and preparations for Fall term, and hubby gone hunting, I played!

FOR TODAY September 24, 2008 (Not Monday)
Outside My Window... I have a feeling we just started our fall rains this afternoon. I can hear the trickles coursing through the downspout, and the formerly dry, crispy grass is looking like soggy cereal.
I am thinking... it's time to get ready for leading the Financial Peace class tonight.
I am thankful for... the opportunity for my husband to be with his buddies hunting in the mountains - and HOURS of extended solitude!
From the kitchen... I smell apples becoming apple butter in the crock pot.
I am wearing... my jogging suit again. Gotta get on my exercise bike.
I am creating... plans to build a chicken coop.
I am going... to call Jim to remind him to bring goodies.
I am reading... everything I can find about chicken breeds and coop plans.
I am hoping... I'm not getting distracted from my goals, and the guy selling the chickens calls soon.
I am hearing... Christian radio and getting tired of it (same station for 7 hours).
Around the house... are "little" things to do: One basket of laundry to put away, three glasses to put in the dishwasher, my grandson's bed on the floor to pick up, garbage to take out.
One of my favorite things... bouncing on my mini-tramp to the music. It's like dancing.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: organizing and cleaning before classes start next week, deciding on a main dish and salad to take to the potluck on Sunday.

Here is picture thought I am sharing: My Glamour Shot...

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