March 11, 2009

College or NOT?

Which way to go? Back to college or work on my proofreading/copyediting business?

I received a call from the "Learn and Earn" office at LCC yesterday asking why I hadn't registered for spring term yet. She told me that I was eligible for up to $1400 in work hours to help me pay for school. So, I spent the last 24 hours re-evaluating, weighing, worrying, fussing, vacillating. And yes, praying.

It's very tempting...

After my husband built an all-nighter fire and closed down the stove, we made our way to bed. As I snuggled down and began to contemplate my choices, I just knew.

I didn't "hear the voice of God", I just knew.

My heart is in my home. This spring I am home. I have a garden to plant, chickens to raise, recipes to perfect and a business to build. I have a husband to love, children to encourage, friends to enjoy, and grandchildren to play with. I learned so much during fall term, then took a break winter term; now it's time to work on what I've learned. I will proofread manuscripts and make pies. I will call and email and write and build nesting boxes for my chickens. I will wash my grandson's face and study The Chicago Manual of Style.

It's so nice to be home!


Mom said...

Kathy -
It's great to read your blog and "catch up" on you. What a wonderful thing to hear your are continuing to listen to our Father, my dear sister.
Perhaps we could catch up in person sometime when I am down visiting my parents.
Laurie (Aldrich) Dickerson

Kathy Davis said...

I would love to be in touch with you again. You can find me on Facebook. Check it out and see how my family's doing! You're not going to believe this, but I was actually contemplating the meaning of the name Abigail today, remembering that's what you'd named your daughter! Blessing...

Mom said...

Okay, gotta change that "mom" title - the only blog I've ever written on was Abby's.
Anyway, I looked at Facebook, but there are 500 Kathy Davis' - I put in Oregon, but didn't see your picture. Can you help me?

KaraBeagle said...

Laurie....I grew up going to church with Tim and Lisa (a little younger than me) and your folks--back when they went to River Road C of C.

Small world??? Jodie