April 7, 2009


I just found out today that I will start work in the clinic as a Medical Transcriptionist on Thursday! I'm hired!

I get to work with a's and b's and c's and d's... and get paid for it! This excitement is voiced from an old girl who falls asleep with her nose in a dictionary - one of her favorite books!

Besides that, I finally enrolled in the math class that I knew I would need to take thirty-five years ago. This definitely illustrates a turn in my life. I waited for the right time to strengthen my numbers-handling (and procrastinated), and here I am!

In the clinic I will be supporting the care providers by helping create and maintain health records. I feel that I fit the role of "supporter of others" very well.

Right now I need to run and support my husband's desire for warm cookies tonight.


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KaraBeagle said...

Yay...and if you need any help with math, as long as it's not calculus, I might be able to help...

Oh, and we used to have chickens. And we had a heifer that used to help us round them up. And we had a horse who used to put the rooster in his place by picking him up by the tail and flinging him across the pasture. I think he enjoyed that game too much. He did the same to any cat that dared walk along his fence too. Is that a bored horse or what??