December 12, 2009

Preparations for Your Coming

Just thought I'd give you a heads up about my progress here. This may or may not interest you, but I want to make you as comfortable as I can while you're here. I trust God to take care of the rest in his kindness to us.

BED: Nakita explained that the mattress they had was the one they decided to replace because it made them roll to the center somewhat, so I thought it probably wouldn't fit our needs here. Coincidentally, I inflated our airbed and took a nap on it on the floor. It had lost its air under Kayli, so Jerry had patched it. It was far more comfortable than the mattress on the hide-a-bed, so I think we will use it on the frame with plywood under it. It's kind of cold when you first get in it and I don't know how to warm "air" except with body heat, but I think this will work fine with all our big warm blankets.

CAR: Janell offered her car for your use the entire time you are here. She said it's a hybrid SUV-type. What a sweet gift! Amy photographed the booster seat we have, but I haven't heard if she sent it to you yet. I'd do it myself, but Dad has my camera in his backpack! (Speaking of my hunter-man, he just called and said he got a fat doe this morning!)

FOOD: I know you have a specialized diet for Ayden, so I won't stock up on stuff we may not use. My heart is full of gratefulness to God for my at-home work. My first paycheck comes this week and I've designated its entirety to caring for your needs while you are here. Just let me know how I might serve you. I'm not as efficient as I will be, so it takes long hours to get the reports right. I do a little happy dance every day that God has answered my prayers for work that I love and for my husband who supported me to get my education. I've often said I must be the most blessed woman on earth, to have such dear men in my life - although we all know God doesn't play favorites!

WEATHER: I'm sure you must be watching the weather here. We had a serious ice storm yesterday while I was in Eugene enjoying my first self-imposed day off (shopping for stocking-stuffers)! I crawled along Hwy. 99 for half an hour and still hadn't left Eugene. Then I was detoured back to where I started to find an alternate route. I always loved roller-skating as a child. I do NOT love skating on an icy road that wants to slip gently off! I kept thinking, as I commanded my neck and back muscles to relax, that maybe I was at the point now where I might walk the rest of the way if I had to. (How long would it take to trek cross-country 20 miles?) This morning I determined I will pray earnestly for easier weather while you are here!

Now I must get back to the medical reports. Please call if you have any concerns or to just give me a friendly reminder to take a break again! I love you more than dark chocolate, warm (no, HOT) fires, geese flying south, and gas in my tank. See you soon if God is willing!

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