August 11, 2010

Bowling Pins and a Quiet Heart

In the raucous of bowling balls pounding the floor and pins tumbling and crashing I enjoyed some quiet moments in my head tonight. Aaron and Sarah were enjoying their games and their friends, and Ayden was occupied with the business of getting his ball down the lane and watching the score. That allowed me to crawl into my mind for some thinking time.

1. Tomorrow is my last full day in San Angelo and I don't know when I'll see my son and his family again.
2. Aaron & Sarah are feeling a sense of loss with the eminent departure of several of their friends who are heading out to new assignments (military). We're all rather somber tonight.
3. I'm looking forward to getting back into my strength training, my work and worship ministry.
4. There are lifestyle changes awaiting me at home that could be overwhelming, almost as much as when I was preparing for my wedding 35 years ago - the most serious lifestyle change!

It seems remarkable, but with all of this there is quietness in my heart. It doesn't matter where I am or what is happening around me, bowling ball raucous and all, I have been given a place I can go where the God who does not change holds me always. I cannot imagine anything more valuable than that!


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Laurie said...

Love that place of quietness. Thanks for sharing, Kathy.