April 11, 2008

Arthroscopic Surgery Still HURTS!

He is sure that he was told he'd need his crutches only 2-3 days, then he'd be on his feet. Like he says, "that ain't happenin'!" My husband had knee surgery Tuesday, and today he's going a bit stir-crazy (Friday). Apart from the pain and stiffness, his backside is just tired of being sat on! His head is weary with watching videos.

Acquaintences who have had arthroscopic surgery have said that it's far easier to recover from, and less painful, than conventional surgeries. Perhaps the medical personnel were just giving him a rosy "best case scenario", so he wouldn't be fretful before the procedure. Maybe he just heard the information differently than I would have, had I been there. I dunno . . .

It's just not going the way he had expected.