August 7, 2010

A Walking/Dancing Tour of San Angelo

My son, his wife, and my grandson took me on a walking tour of downtown San Angelo to show me some storefronts and historical buildings today. I'm such a wimp in the heat, but since it's just part of life in west Texas I embraced the challenge. Sarah found some nice things at a couple boutiques, Aaron enjoyed watching her, and Ayden and I looked into some kaleidoscopes and chiming clocks.

Most of the places where we stopped were filled with fine glass, ceramics and other breakables, so more reserved behavior was called for. But one of our last stops was at a re-sale shop with a more relaxed environment. At one point the proprietor even egged me on with some teasing. After a quick look-around I was pretty well convinced I wouldn't find anything I needed to buy, so Ayden and I played a low-key game of hide and seek around the racks.

Then the music from the radio started affecting my feet. Was it dancing? YUP! I took a few steps here and there, and then pretty soon Ayden started in. We did a little two-step together, then he stole the show! He bowed and kissed the back of my hand, then returned to his footwork. A couple nearby shoppers smiled and remarked about the fun. The proprietor said she'd thought of moving racks out of the way.

Moments later we stepped out into the blazing sunshine with a tired boy and packages in tow.

Thank you, God for moments of pure joy expressing itself in a boy and his grandma!