February 8, 2010

My Tax Lady

I survived my date with the tax lady today. Why does anything to do with numbers rattle me so? And why, especially, are numbers associated with the IRS especially disconcerting? I worked so hard to keep my bits of potentially important information stacked in the correct columns, but I still am not sure I succeeded. Numbers always misbehave in my columns. The devious things.

My tax lady is a gift from God, however. She pins those little buggers down and makes them stay. She understands them, and they respect her. I am so thankful for my tax lady!

In 2009 I closed one business and started a new one. Closer Look Proofreading is gone. My .com Web site has disappeared. My associates notified. My resource books sold. Why should the numbers be wiggling around if I have declared the business dead? Okay, I have one friend who wants me to proof her Web site, but that's all!

I have enjoyed transcribing medical documents for 2 years now, and in November I gained my first "long-term transcription relationship" with steady work locally. I love this stuff! I can do this! I can put the medical information in the right locations and it behaves. I thoroughly enjoy my new work, probably much like my tax lady enjoys hers. She should like my columns even better now - she'll have MORE numbers to command!