October 26, 2009

My Review of Denim Riding Skirt

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Denim Riding Skirt 6,6,6,6,8,8,8,8,14,14,14,12,12,12,12,16,16,16,16,14,18,18,18,18,4,4,4,10,10,10 DARK DENIM,DARK DENIM,LIGHT DENIM,LIGHT DENIM Long denim riding skirt sits at the natural waist. Imported. Sweeping hem for a great flattering shape Back zip and button close Misses 35''...

Just what I was looking for!

By Kathy D. from Eugene area, Oregon on 10/26/2009


4out of 5

Fit: Feels true to size

Waist: Feels true to size

Length: Feels true to length

Pros: Comfortable, Flattering, Nice Color, Nice Fabric

Best Uses: Casual Wear

Describe Yourself: Casual Dresser

Comfort vs Style: Comfort Driven

I should have trusted my own instincts when I read reviews that stated this skirt should be ordered in a size bigger than usual. My mistake was that I thought the comments meant bigger than the measurements posted! So I ended up with a wonderful garment far too big for me. However, I alter most garments to fit my shape anyway, so taking this skirt in (3 inches) is no hassle. I am very happy to find a longer denim skirt that doesn't have a fly on the tummy! What woman needs that? The fabric drapes nicely and is very comfortable to wear.


My Happy Place

Outside My Window...the evergreens are waving in the wind and the clouds are promising rain. (OK, here it is!)
I am thinking...selling our home will be hard, but an exciting adventure as well.
I am thankful for...our many years of laughter here, including the antics of my grandsons wrestling their dad and grandpa last night.
From the kitchen...we're still cleaning up dried pumpkin guts tracked around by Noah.
I am wearing...my most comfortable clothes to fully enjoy my day of rest.
I am creating...a plan to trust God better - letting go of my grip to allow Him to lead me into new things.
I am going...to stay home and catch up on housework before I start my work with Oregon Medical Group.
I am reading...Seed From the East, by Bertha Holt, and Foxe's Book of Martyrs, by John Foxe.
I am hoping...I will not forget God's promises to me again - promises of freedom and peace.
I am hearing...His sweet reminders of those promises. Staying up late last night, I read journal entries and scriptures that brought comfort to this woman's heart.
Around the house...I see things I don't need any longer. They'll be sold or go to Goodwill.
One of my favorite things...not having indigestion! This has been an almost daily occurrence lately.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I am closing up my business, Closer Look Proofreading (.com) and selling my reference books on Amazon.com. Tomorrow, if God wills, I will start training for my new transcription account.

October 2, 2009

Dog and Boy Training

My third son was not like me much. He thrived on constant companionship, where I was definitely a person who relished solitude. He would talk to anybody in the store, where I would usually try to avoid excessive contact. If I would turn the shopping cart down an uninhabited aisle and involve myself in choosing the best jam, he would talk to the cans of corn. His self-confidence was more than I had ever seen in a human being, and trying to follow his train of thought made me to wear a question mark on my face every day. I imagine that he thought that was my normal expression, his clueless Mom!

He was more than ready to start kindergarten, since his brothers had been in school for 3 years, after all! His first day he spent more than his normal 10 seconds in the bathroom and came out with his largest self-satisfied grin. He had his Sunday shirt on with his clip-on tie. His hair was slicked down; I should say it was mashed down, and his belted pants were pulled up high over his tummy exposing his bony ankles below their hem.

I gave him a squeeze as he sat down to breakfast and asked him about his choice of clothes. He leaned over and tactfully informed me that this was how the girls would like him.

How does he come up with this stuff?
I asked myself. Oh, well, it’s his first day. I’m glad he’s enjoying it!

But Seth thought he should wear his tie every day, even trying to attach it to a t-shirt. Fearing that he’d be ridiculed, I suggested that maybe the tie should be for special days only, like Sundays. When I mentioned it might get dirty, he agreed.

It was a precious school year, with just Seth and I enjoying our weekday afternoons together. One day, after handing him his daily cheese sandwich, he went outside to play with our puppy Max. I listened to his interactions with the playful pup for awhile before I realized my son needed some dog training coaching.

I called him into the kitchen and explained, “I hear you saying no to Max a lot, Seth. I don’t think he will learn what that means if you don’t praise him sometimes. Why don’t you try saying no less, and praising him more? Then he can learn what makes you happy with him?”

“OK, Mom!”

Some time later I felt that special mommy sense that tells you it’s time to check on your child, and I found Seth on his knees with his hands folded, muttering something. I put my ear closer to the kitchen window and heard “praise you, praise you, praise you...” Max’s head was cocked sideways, obviously wondering what this new game was.

My head was cocked too, with that 'clueless Mom' look on my face.