December 23, 2010

Day 5 - Christmas in San Angelo

I just haven't been able to adjust to central Texas time, especially when the others are also staying up late. It's long been my practice to have my unwind-be-quiet-with-Jesus-time after everyone is asleep, but lately that's been difficult. It seems my blog posts are dull dry news instead of vibrant expressive writing because of my sleepiness, but I will plow ahead.

Being with Ayden brings out some playfulness in me. I have a feeling I'm giving him an unusual perspective on grandmotherly behavior, but there's no harm in that! When he wants to use his big muscles and push me a little too far, I invoke a gentle warning with the one-finger poke in the ribs or with the touch of a ticklish spot. He'll run far and wide on the outskirts of the backyard, and because he always returns I can move easily to his side and give him my intimidating super-grandma face (which sends him flying away again). At least that's how the game went this afternoon! Yesterday's game of hopscotch was hard on my knees, so when I petered out Ayden got Grandpa to give it a go. I'd never seen that before.

Jerry and I have been somewhat "under the weather" this week, so we lounged on the couch tonight watching two young parents wrap their Christmas gifts in front of the tree. It's so interesting to contemplate how our roles have matured. Now it's my turn to be the older woman, and I hope Ayden is seeing that I meant it when I told him today that I didn't want it any other way. I had my young years, now I want to walk with Jesus wherever he leads me in my older years!