December 19, 2010

Day One - Christmas in San Angelo

Even though it was only hours ago that I felt deathly sick and its memory is close to the center of my mind, I don't want to go any deeper into it than that. Well, I will share some observations that I made in the midst of it with a few (just a few) explanatory background notes.

1. I never lost faith that my sense of humor would return, even though I felt total wretchedness in mind and body. Shakiness, fever, chills and the other stuff you don't want to hear about.
2. My feelings about being packed into a hotel room in this state with everyone deep in their sleep around me is hard to describe. Add to that the noisy neighbors in the hall and the bathroom fan not working to muffle the "keeping me awake" sounds, and then the tears that fell when I couldn't just patiently bear it and literally asked God for mercy.
3. As my husband began to wake in the morning he discerned I was snoring and totally unaware that I had survived the most horrible night of my life, he woke me up to inform me of it. My humorless response, "well, maybe it was my turn." (I apologized later).
4. The thought did occur to me that perhaps I would never feel this bad again and the rest of our trip would be wonderful, but I know life is just sometimes not easy. And I have not heard God promise me that. But oh, I am so glad it is over for now!