September 8, 2010

A Glutton for Words

Since Labor Day this Monday I have heard or spoken approximately 848,255,309 words. I am normally a woman of few words and I like to keep things simple, but for now that has changed.

We spent Labor Day "fellowshipin'" with longtime church friends playing silly games with marshmallows, rowboats, plastic chairs, plastic spoons, Frisbees and blindfolds. We circled our chairs to sing and worship with guitars and a box drum, so Monday my head was full.

Tuesday I packed in more. Too many years had passed since I chatted with cousins Chuck, Jean and Pat from Anchorage and Seattle - and here they were in my parents' living room! "Visitin'" went on till late into the night. My father in his 70s couldn't stifle a yawn and the overload of words and daytime hours took their toll.

Wednesday I met my cousins for breakfast with my brother who is also a person of few words. He displayed his willingness to contribute with flair, however. We stood outside discussing and discussing while people attempted to enter the restaurant with a multitude "excuse me's," so we broke up into two cars and headed to Costco. I don't know if the guys in the other car were talking, but I don't remember any lack thereof in mine!

Wednesday evening was our "gatherin'" time. My house filled with people attached to plates, bowls, pie pans, and increasing chatter. We are so polite; we took turns talking while the others were chewing so that the silence would not intrude. Then out came the guitar for the "singin'" and the drum to add umph!

Sometimes you've just got to indulge yourself in the riches around you, and store up the good things for times when there is less. I know in just a matter of hours I will wonder at my lonely solitude (and thank God for memories of the noise).