November 20, 2008


The hen I valued the least is giving me the biggest, brownest eggs; and most often! I found her on Craigslist with her sister - two old biddies past their prime, but free for the taking.

It was late in August, and I was wanting a little flock before the weather turned. I signed up at under the name of Spent-Hen. (Yea, there's a correlation there!) I hungrily searched for more chickens, found two more, sold two, found one, then bought five with my birthday money.

Chickens in my backyard are great stress-relief!

I enjoy watching mindless birds out my kitchen window. It's entertainment like no other! What's especially funny is that our three kittens would approach the rooster (who was prone to attack my leg and subsequently get kicked across the yard) like there was no threat to their safety. They've even spent the night locked up in the henhouse with the birds. That's weird.

Notice I referred to the rooster in the past tense?

Three days ago he disappeared - I think a hawk must have taken him. Right under the hyacinth bush, where they like to hang out, is a pile of black-tipped white feathers...all that's left of him. I had called him Strut, because he really was quite full of himself. He didn't care for me walking into the henhouse like I had no respect for his kingship. So, while I was filling feeders and talking quietly (and respectfully) to his hens, he'd threaten my leg with the poorest of manners!

Remembering how very tiny his brain was, I dealt with him with a large degree of tolerance. I decided that I might possibly accustom him to my handling by visiting the henhouse after hours (when they're most likely to be docile) starting the week I'm done with fall term. But now I won't have to worry about that. Now I won't have to tell my husband that I had been attacked by my chicken!

He wasn't all bad, because with that kind of attitude he really watched out for the hens well. He just didn't endear himself to me!

As for my old nameless hen, I think she must have decided to compete with the fancy non-layers - and show them her stuff! She's still young enough to produce! Maybe they'll take the hint....