August 12, 2009

Almost Free

It's amazing what you can find for almost free these days.

I found a step for our tent-trailer at Goodwill – $1.99. With my tentative knees, this was a welcome addition to our camping equipment. No more “falling out” of the doorway!
And a pretty red cotton sweater – $6.99.
A rooster for my hens – free.
A couch on Craigslist – free.
Tomato plants are blooming on my back deck. I found them late in the season – half price.

Chicken feed can be expensive, but since my birds roam about and eat more than half of what they need in my yard (including weeds!) – almost free (well, kinda).
More eggs are coming than I need - can't determine cost yet, but almost free! At least the entertainment value of keeping chickens is – free! They continually amuse me. Far healthier for my mind than watching TV.

Red Bartlett pears are growing on my tree – free.
Dragging hoses to water the yard and pear tree gives me a workout – free.
Our well pumps clean water – almost free!
A 2- and 3-lb set of hand weights (one from Goodwill) to help my tendinitis improve – $7.99. Way better than prescription rehab!
Any book I would like to read can be ordered from our library – free.
We’ve received an education about raising chickens, investments, computers, copyediting, writing, Oregon history, literature, and zillions of other things from our library – free. (I put in a purchase request for Dorcas Smucker’s books so now anyone in our area can enjoy her stories!)

Staying in touch with 238 friends and family every day on Facebook – almost free.
Another workout: walking 2 miles to sing, pray, and get the mail – free.

Our home is simple, but our lives are rich. Many nights I can stand outside and enjoy more stars than I will ever count – free.
And the grins of recognition on my grandchildren’s faces? That's priceless!