September 15, 2008

The Simple Woman 9-15-2008

FOR TODAY: September 15, 2008
Outside My Window: The sunlight is creeping through the dry, overgrown grasses in the pasture and reaching toward my weedy yard, where the young rooster is trying to crow like a grown-up.
I am thinking... it's going to be above 90 degrees today and I'd better close the windows!
I am thankful... for these quiet, relaxing days before I start my Fall Term. Also, I wrote in my journal last night how thankful I was for progesterone cream. To me it's essential for regulating the insomnia and depression that I've been dealing with in my menopausal state.
From the kitchen... I wonder why I just don't like cooking any more.
I am wearing... my jogging suit and fleece jacket, 'cause right now the house is COLD! - and I'm getting ready for my workout.
I am creating... a plan to get an apple pie in the oven this morning.
I am going... nowhere today.
I am reading... from the book of Ephesians in the Bible.
I am hoping... to find encouragement today after the sadness I felt last night. I'm anticipating my husband's upcoming hunting trip.
I am hearing... the fans blowing.
Around the house... I see the need to vacuum, straighten the kitchen, work on some paperwork, and do some mending for my husband.
One of my favorite things... is imagining the fulfilling, meaningful, productive and profitable work that I'll be doing. This transition between children and "the next thing" is hard because I imagine that a woman my age should know a whole lot more.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
1. Prepare for the Financial Peace University course that I'm coordinating on Wednesday night.
2. Polish my resume' and get it submitted.
3. Reassess the courses I've registered for - maybe change some of them.
4. Love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength.
5. Love my neighbor as myself.

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I discovered this "The Simple Woman" idea last week. Check out the Web site if you're curious about how other women fill in the blanks on their Monday mornings. I will (try to) put the link in the sidebar, and in the title of this post.