May 29, 2008

Top of the Tree

The spring chill crawled into our cozy home as we lounged on the couch tonight. I pulled a blanket up to my chin during a boring scene in the movie, and my husband's head dropped back as he felt his evening "doze" coming on. I wondered how many movie endings he had missed!

As I snuggled down I realized how good this life is.

A couch, a movie, a simple meal inside me. My daughter tapped her homework on the computer keys, or she would have been sitting beside us. More likely, she would have planted herself right in between us!

My husband agreed that a small fire would be good tonight, to warm the house just a bit. As I stepped outside for some wood, I looked up to the top of the nearest fir tree and said, "Thank you".

That's all. No eloquence there.

Well, maybe there is eloquence there! Thank you to a God I cannot see or explain. Thank you to the good, the comforting, the presence, the wellness. Thank you for the friendly smiles I saw today. Thank you for it all.

May 28, 2008

Now My Web Site is Down

Because I was unable to update my Web pages last week, I deleted my Web site to start over. I think the problem was that I moved the folders within My Documents, so my server couldn't find them. That's a good theory (I think), but I have had the hardest time getting it up and running again. I can't figure it out.

Moving folders around - I think the need to rearrange things runs in my family. My dad worked part-time for a moving company and was proud of his ability to load a truck so that everything fit perfectly. That worked well for him, but for me: the Web site folder needs to stay put! So I changed its name to: Closer Look Proofreading - do not move this folder!

Learning new things can be so hard, but I guess that's what makes it rewarding. That sounds right, but at this particular moment I don't like it. I feel stressed about it because I made some contacts at the Oregon Christian Writers Conference last week, and now they can't find my Web site. Rats!

Doesn't it say in the Bible somewhere that life is supposed to get easier as we get older? (Do we all presume it will?) I wish it did.

Tonight occurred to me that since I'm still a student I can access the IT lab for advice. Now, that's a good thing! I need to . . .
s t r e t c h
myself again, and keep growing.

Dear God, help me to stay on the path that You have laid out before me.


May 21, 2008

My new Web site is up - thanks to frugaltude!

Today's E-mail to my contacts:
I am experiencing a burst of exuberant joy just now, and doing a little "happy dance" around the dining room! Amazingly, I was able to learn to build and publish my own Web site (with encouragement from some of my friends). This is a huge hurdle for me as I build my clientele, and I'm so glad it's out there!

Have a look and offer suggestions, if you wish. Thank you so much for your advice, prayers, and support. Blessings to you, -- Kathy Davis.

Web site: writing, little things make a BIG difference!


Though it required many long hours of work, I am so pleased! Josh Asbury from pointed me towards web hosting with because he understood that I needed to start small. When I need more web-related services, I'll be back to talk more with him! He is geared up to help position my site on the Web so that I might attract more attention.

Here is what my frugaltude accomplished for me... Domain name, web hosting without advertising for 3 months' duration, Web site design, and publishing it to the Web - it all cost me less than $45!

One reason it was inexpensive is because I was given MS Office while taking courses at the community college last summer. That was one of those "top ten" gifts of the century for this girl!

Just two days ago I learned that this package included MS Publisher, which can be used to create web pages! Oh joy! The templates available at Bravenet were satisfactory, and I knew one day I would afford myself a nicer web design, but for this creative soul to have access to designing my own - big WOW!

In a previous post, I explained that frugaltude is my "attitude of frugal contentment".

I have a real "tude" about some things. For instance, when I see advertising that implies I have to buy something, my "tude" kicks in, and I defy it. Well, at least I strongly question it! I have dealt with my rebellious nature, and I have let it rule, when appropriate. What is fun about having this "tude" is that it has saved me gobs* of money! I estimate that my Web site could have cost me several hundred dollars if I hadn't done it myself.

*Is gobs a word? Yes! it's in the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. (proofreader at work!)

May 15, 2008

Oregon Christian Writers Conference

In two more days I will attend my first writers conference! Gathering up my courage and absorbing the wisdom of others, I have begun to take the next "baby step" on my road to...

Where is it I am going? - a proofreader? Oh, yeah...

I get lost so easily.

My Lord calls me His sheep. He knows me very well. I trip along through the grass, munching and chasing; then something catches my eye. I look down at my feet and see that they are off the path!

Oh, no! How did that happen?

I am a sheep.


I expect I will be dramatically overwhelmed by teachers, authors, publishing staff, displays, choices, and speakers at the conference. At times I will be like a kid in a candy store, and other times I'll be . . . (lost!)

Will I be the only proofreader there? Will I be the only one who doesn't talk fast? Will I appear as close to clueless as I feel?


I'm so glad that God loves sheep!

--note of explanation: this post displays fragmented thoughts because I'm excited!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

May 12, 2008

Building my Web site

My Web site is under construction this week!

My goal is to have meat on its bare-bones existence before Saturday, May 17 - the date for the Oregon Writers Conference in Eugene.

What I am hoping to learn today is how to change the "letterhead" of the site, moving the title and tag line directly to the right of the picture. Currently, it is situated below the picture and leaves too much white space for my liking. Content is more important to me right now, though. One of my pages is entitled, What is a proofreader? and another is, Do I need a proofreader? Time to get busy and write! (This is "way" too fun!)

Learning to build a Web site has been fascinating for me. Over the years I have said that I enjoy "arranging things on paper". I studied calligraphy in my teens, and created several wedding invitations for my peers. It matters to me how things appear in print, both the images and the text. Maybe I'll take a class in Web design one day!

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: If we truly believe God is Creator, and that we are made in His image, then we must also believe that displaying our creativity shows God to the world.

May 6, 2008

I'm Too Old For This

At least, I want to think I am. I am too old to try to build my own Web site! Can you hear the rhythmic thumping of my head banging against my desk?

With encouragement from many I have embarked on this new adventure in learning. I have a domain name (, and I'm waiting to see something appear when I type* that into my Web browser to prove it! I decided last night, after four hours of working on domain searches and Web site-related tutorials, that when I read that "The webmaster has not yet uploaded any files to this site. Check back soon!" it's talking about ME! Kathy's the "Web master?" Oh, my!

One thing I have practiced this past year is to ask God to encourage me when I need it. I have been encouraged! Thank you, Josh Asbury of! Thanks also to Dan Miller and his book, 48 Days to the Work You Love! To my friends from The Christian PEN - Proofreaders and Editors Network who have only supported me and believed with me that I can make this work - this IS a viable business!

Thank you, Lord. I'm not really too old. Your kindness is amazing!

*FYI - for your information, times have changed and it's not typing any more; now it's "keying"!