September 29, 2010

Old Man on Campus

That's what he calls himself, instead of BMOC, "big man on campus." Now he's the old guy!

Some dear friends from our post high school days, Merle and Mary, are students as well, so I guess they'll have their own silvery-haired peer group! In the 1970s this was practically unheard of. Now it's not quite so strange. Perhaps one day we will even be the majority. Of course, that probably won't be till we're over the next hill! Will the administration have to confiscate our canes as dangerous weapons before we enter a classroom? Will the school have to provide wider doorways for our scooters, and hearing aid jacks at each seat?

Mary gave a good warning, that we older students have to be careful to not appear overly "parental" at first (not her exact words), but to stay in the background quietly. I took that to heart a few terms ago, but I found that once some of the 20-something students got to know me a little bit they often appreciated a mom with a listening ear. But perhaps being in class with a dad figure might be more uncomfortable to some. Of course, he could just present himself as the wise scholarly grandpa instead!