February 15, 2010

My Prayer for You Today

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 NIV

I just can't think of a better prayer today, than to ask God to fill you with all joy and peace, and overflowing hope! The action required is "as you trust in him."

I'm schlogging through my work today (yes, I made up that word) because of a low-grade fever that is weighing me down. But I can manage a small smile with this reminder of God's hope.

February 12, 2010

Someone's Gotta Play the Bad Guy

My Daddy, the Tempter. I squirmed down in my seat on the slippery wooden pew and tried not to look at my own father tempting the Lord in front of the whole church! Now, squirreling down on those pews was not easy to do with the bare skin exposed on the back of my legs! At least not quietly. Anyway...

My father had a deep, rich baritone voice, and apparently the devil does too, because year after year he was given the part of Satan tempting Jesus in the wilderness. "If Thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread. Com-mand that. these. stones. be. made. bread!"

Then our lead tenor, Maurice Macy, would answer him with the sweet voice of Jesus. "Man shall not live by bread alone. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

Fast forward about 40 years and I am seeing my firstborn son hanging on a cross in front of the whole church. You guessed it, he's not playing Jesus.

My family members have often played the part of every type of vile character imaginable. I had begun to be resigned to the type-casting until the message hit this mama's heart full force at the end of last years' program.

There was my son on the big screen, in front of everyone, walking with Jesus into paradise. He and Jesus turned around to face us and waved their arms to invite us all to join them.

Bad guys can change. My family can be redeemed. God's grace is enough. You can bet I'm running to join them!


February 8, 2010

My Tax Lady

I survived my date with the tax lady today. Why does anything to do with numbers rattle me so? And why, especially, are numbers associated with the IRS especially disconcerting? I worked so hard to keep my bits of potentially important information stacked in the correct columns, but I still am not sure I succeeded. Numbers always misbehave in my columns. The devious things.

My tax lady is a gift from God, however. She pins those little buggers down and makes them stay. She understands them, and they respect her. I am so thankful for my tax lady!

In 2009 I closed one business and started a new one. Closer Look Proofreading is gone. My .com Web site has disappeared. My associates notified. My resource books sold. Why should the numbers be wiggling around if I have declared the business dead? Okay, I have one friend who wants me to proof her Web site, but that's all!

I have enjoyed transcribing medical documents for 2 years now, and in November I gained my first "long-term transcription relationship" with steady work locally. I love this stuff! I can do this! I can put the medical information in the right locations and it behaves. I thoroughly enjoy my new work, probably much like my tax lady enjoys hers. She should like my columns even better now - she'll have MORE numbers to command!


February 3, 2010

In My Wildest Dreams

I got sleepy last night with imaginations of wild, crazy changes in my life. Amy is planning to move away from home and Jerry and I are contemplating the “just you and me, babe” time of our life.

We have dreams of him being able to find work he enjoys, just as I have this past year. And we love the idea of being out of debt and working on other investments.

Last night I was reading about Abraham and how God called him out of his community into an unknown place – far from the people and places he knew. Wasn’t that wild?

And our thoughts about selling our home, unloading some of the baggage we carry, and releasing our grip on the some of the “same old things” is quite compelling. What’s wrong with changing?

Maybe it isn’t so wild after all, to let God into my dreams and respond with trust and faith. He made the mountains, he can move them.

Quote of the Day:

My son admired a fancy motorcycle that a family friend had purchased in his retirement years. Seth likes to say exactly what pops into his head, so out came: “Wow, when I have my midlife crisis, I’m going to buy one of those!”