April 16, 2009

Annie Toes Dog

I think it's spring fever that caused me to start too many tomato, zucchini, and red poppy plants on my windowsill. I have ten pullets (immature hens) in my hen house, which should bring far more eggs than a family of three would need. Maybe I'm just living out my determination to never back down from starting new projects just because I might die (or something) before I complete them. Is there such a thing as an "overachiever" hormone in an over-50 woman?

We adopted Annie from the animal shelter last week. Why not start another project? I've never allowed an "indoor" dog before, so now I'm learning another new thing. Training her will be fun, though we've got to be patient with her timidness.

Perhaps I will sell eggs, or chickens, or vegetable starts. They're all intertwined, you see. The chickens can help eat the garden (so will the deer and rabbits), the dog's scent will deter critter-predators to some degree, and eggs from the farm are just too nice to pass up. I'll still get my hours of part-time work in and finish my homework. Why not try?

My husband came up with the name Annie. My 5-year-old grandson suggested "Toes." He noticed all her toenails are black except for one. Such an observant guy!

An After Easter Story

I remember my father singing in our church's Easter cantata (a musical story). Usually it was a repeat performance - where he'd sing the voice of Satan the tempter harassing Jesus. I used to hate it that he sang it every year (it seemed), but he had the deep, rich baritone voice the part called for!

In our Christian school it was my sons who were chosen for the part of Satan or of vices like the character of "drugs and alcohol." Our drama staff explained that because my boys were so well grounded, it was felt my boys wouldn't relish the part in an unhealthy way.

My oldest son is one of our worship leaders and playwrights. Well, this Easter Sunday he hung on a cross for the third time. But this time he was the thief that repented and I got to see him walk off into paradise with Jesus.

Whew! Glad he finally made it!