July 4, 2010

Monkey Face at Smith Rock

Tuesday was the second day of our vacation to Central Oregon, and we were prepared for the heat and rocky trails. Jerry wasn't sure at first that he would enjoy more than a few hours at Smith Rock near the town of Terrebonne, but we found ourselves taking in the rock climbing culture and the very different landscape than we are used to in the Willamette Valley where we live.

After our descent into the canyon of the Crooked River we rested in the shade of a large ponderosa pine where we met the dad of one of the rock climbers. We could barely make out the figure of his daughter on the rocks above us. While we chatted he pulled out his cell phone to contact her group to let them know lunch had arrived. Very interesting "wilderness" experience! Being in the sunlight and heat is a struggle for me, so Jerry and I rested and admired the rock cliffs across the gorge from us at one point. We named one formation "Baboon Rock" because of its appearance and the one paw palm in the air. Not long after taking a picture I took a hard fall in the path and injured my right elbow, which is still healing nicely five days later. The bruises and soreness made the day more difficult, but we sure enjoyed the rocky playground God made. Jerry said he was getting a "crick in the neck" because of craning it to continually gawk at the cliffs above us. We pressed on and made it to within view of Monkey Face, then turned back to find a shady spot to cool our hot feet in the river. I was so glad that Jerry was able to set up the tent trailer for us that night - without much help from me. I was spent!

July 3, 2010

Smith Rock in Central Oregon

Rock climbers paradise! Jerry and I sat on a pillar of rocks overlooking the canyon and Crooked River and watched a group of high school girls and their coaches navigate the rock wall below us. After searching for an easier path into the canyon (and almost giving up) we found a majestic ponderosa pine to enjoy. But mostly the whole day was about ROCKS!