July 28, 2009

Shopping on a Hot Day

Since I'm currently between projects, I have employed myself in the useful endeavor of saving money! Shopping for an ergonomic keyboard and a new mouse followed this plan:

1. Go to Office Max and play with the display models, taking them off the shelf and tapping lightly on each one, grabbing the mouse and clicking the buttons repeatedly until I am satisfied that somehow I have learned something from these actions.

2. Go home and research the customer reviews on each model (nearly 220 of them) at Amazon.com.

3. Carefully decide my favorites and go back to Office Max to rule out the ones I don't want.

4. Write down prices to compare.

5. Go back home and put in my order at Amazon.com.

I followed this very scientific procedure this week and bought a Logitech keyboard set for $44.95, including shipping. (The list price at Office Max was $129.00.) I don't think Jerry would exactly call my method scientific, but that's ok--I'm on the warpath now to find him some mossy oak pants for his bowhunting season!

Amy and I are also reviewing Consumer Reports magazine online to find the best value in room air conditioners. In our little town today the temperature reached 108 degrees! Our strategy is to live in front of our little lonely air conditioner when the house is hot until they go on sale. We'll see if we can hold out.

My friends in Zambia must know that I am quite a wimp in the heat. Before we had the air conditioner, Jerry would come home from work on a 90-plus degree day to find me soaked to the skin working on his dinner with a wet bath towel over my shoulders. I wanted so much to be tough, like the Little House on the Prairie stories, but its effect was real. I would squint my eyes when asked a question, and answer with indecisiveness; and my muscles would melt and make it difficult to cross the room. What a wimp!

On days like today, God hears my thankfulness for electricity and appliances MANY times!

When in fellowship sweet we shall sit at His feet, or we'll walk by His side in the way. What He says we will do, where He sends we will go. Never fear, only trust and obey.