April 26, 2011

No Simple Garage Band

I have to talk about Carlton Mills. I think it has to be ok because he posts frequently on Facebook. And he stands in front of our small congregation and plays his guitar and sings. Therefore, I presume he wouldn’t mind me writing about him here. (Is this ok, Carlton?)

I have watched Carlton’s family from a not-so-distant perspective for many years as one of the moms in our home school circle of friends. He was one of the rambunctious children. There are so many of these kids to be proud of. It’s just that Carlton is on my mind today.

At Junction City High School Carlton played and sang with his buds for a worship event on campus. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOArckcNKvk&NR=1 Of course I'm a bit partial, but how many high school 'garage bands' sound this good and have this heart?

Here's a clip of Carlton's song at our Easter worship service. "I am yours, I am yours. Through all my days, Jesus I am yours. I am yours, I'm yours forever, Lord. Love came down and rescued me. Love came down and set me free..."http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40zwSJNeufA&feature=share

If I am to become one of the old 'church ladies,' in our community, then I want to do it right! A little recognition of a wonderful young man can't hurt, after all. It was so good to worship God with you, Carlton! Thank you!