December 10, 2008

FOR TODAY: December 10, 2008

Outside My Window...three little kitties are scrunched together by my door waiting for their breakfast, huge dewdrops are clinging to the wire fence, mister rooster is proclaiming his roosterliness, and the fog is gripping the fir trees as the sun attempts to drive it away.
I am thinking...I would like a new camera, but maybe words can paint better pictures.
I am thankful for...a warm house and a hot cup of tea.
From the kitchen...I hear a sigh and I know why. My kitchen activities have been seriously neglected since fall term started. That will change after my FINAL final tonight!
I am jogging suit and birkenstock sandals. I'll fix my hair after my swim.
I am creating...a list of contacts to pursue for more transcription work.
I am my parents' house to add our gifts to theirs for my son overseas. Thank you for serving, A.P.!
I am medical transcription textbook.
I am hoping...that my part in the Christmas celebration at church will help encourage, heal, and show others the Father's love for them. I am also hoping that the money we have saved for my husband's dentistry will be enough.
I am hearing...electrical things running in my otherwise silent house. Thank you, God, for electricity!
Around the house...Oh, rats. I have to confess there are 3 laundry baskets full of items for me to fold and put away - and they've been sitting there since yesterday.
One of my favorite things...the sparkles in my grandchildren's eyes!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: 1. drag home a huge Christmas tree in my Toyota's trunk, 2. take my 2-year old grandson swimming, 3. threaten my hens that aren't laying (that works sometimes!)