February 3, 2010

In My Wildest Dreams

I got sleepy last night with imaginations of wild, crazy changes in my life. Amy is planning to move away from home and Jerry and I are contemplating the “just you and me, babe” time of our life.

We have dreams of him being able to find work he enjoys, just as I have this past year. And we love the idea of being out of debt and working on other investments.

Last night I was reading about Abraham and how God called him out of his community into an unknown place – far from the people and places he knew. Wasn’t that wild?

And our thoughts about selling our home, unloading some of the baggage we carry, and releasing our grip on the some of the “same old things” is quite compelling. What’s wrong with changing?

Maybe it isn’t so wild after all, to let God into my dreams and respond with trust and faith. He made the mountains, he can move them.

Quote of the Day:

My son admired a fancy motorcycle that a family friend had purchased in his retirement years. Seth likes to say exactly what pops into his head, so out came: “Wow, when I have my midlife crisis, I’m going to buy one of those!”