June 2, 2008

My Life On the Edge

  1. My computer is 5 years old and it hums. Though I've been told it's a bad sign, I've backed up all my files and plan to use it till it dies.
  2. Our car is 11 years old and has 225k miles on it. It runs fine with no problems, except that the ignition sticks sometimes and the dome light doesn't work. It's been paid-for for years, so we basically have free transportation!
  3. My dishwasher screams, so I refrain from running it while my husband is home. The repair guy says that it may be particles that the chopper has chopped, and will eventually dissipate. Otherwise, we might need a new pump. It's a name brand, only 1 year old, so I'm holding out on the idea that it'll just get better on its own.
  4. We're still living on one income. I am a full-time homemaker, part-time student and working on a business start-up, and we're helping our daughter in college.
The amazing thing is that our savings account is VERY healthy. If we chose to, we could buy a new computer, or car, or dishwasher. But when we quiet our busy, worried minds, we come back to our commitment to keep growing our savings. It's just fun to have it there, and we believe God is blessing (and yes, multiplying) it!

Though we have difficult moments, all in all we are content. Why shouldn't we be, after all?