August 5, 2010

"Daddy Doesn't Go the Wrong Way"

Being a little sleep deprived did not help with my anxiety about navigating San Angelo for the first time this morning. The sun was threatening to pass 100 degrees by mid afternoon, so there was anxiety about the heat. Add to that my anxiety about driving someone else's car for the first time with someone else's child in tow. A little praying and a little singing--then I felt better. We gotta go now or I'll chicken out as it gets hotter, I thought.

Though the GPS unit had been demonstrated and well explained, I needed the comfort of finding a map and seeing the layout in my head myself. I can't handle too many new things at once. Don't tell me to head east, tell me the name of the road to watch for. Don't give me a list, draw me a picture. That's just how it works best for my brain.

I found a Google map and charted my course. Once on the road I thought at one point I might be leaving town and heading for Christoval. Deep concentration brought me through and we eventually arrived at Wal-Mart. Only twice did Ayden say, "you should turn there, that's the way!" after passing a street.

It was looking good for my nerves when I finished off my shopping list and let Ayden peruse the toy aisle. He enjoyed educating me about the things he wants and doesn't have. (We're all the same when we're shopping with grandma, aren't we!) After being thoroughly informed we headed back to the car.

As he buckled himself a look of Ayden-horror came over his face. "Where's Iron Man?" So we locked up the car again and retraced our steps through the store to where our last DON'T GOTTA lesson was. There he was on the bottom shelf. I informed Iron Man that he had completed his mission and he needed to stay with commander Ayden from now on.

I tried to breathe easier on our way home by noting the flat landscape and other differences from what I see in Oregon, but Ayden wasn't too interested. That is, until he recognized the street I should have turned on. Google hadn't informed me that the name of the street wasn't on the exit sign homeward-bound! He wanted to be distressed, but I assured him it was normal to be clueless in a new city. Daddy doesn't go the wrong way, but sometimes grandma does.

So now grandma is home, Ayden is home, Dad & Sarah have had lunch and returned to work. My grandson is resting sweetly in his bed, and I will be in that state soon - releasing my anxiety. God can help us get to that place of rest, even when we've gone the wrong way. Yawn!