December 26, 2010

Day 8 - Christmas in San Angelo

Our last full day in San Angelo began with some of us sleeping late (me) and a delicious Texas BBQ meal downtown. After discussing options for the day, Ayden convinced his dad that Frisbee golf at the Concho River city park would be a great plan. We came home for gear and headed to the river for the three guys to work on their throwing arms.

I walked around with Sarah catching pictures of trees I could not identify and the brown landscape that is so unlike riversides where I come from. It was great to be out in the fresh air and sweet to have more chatting time with Sarah.

Ayden had two boxes of "poppers" that he wanted to break into, so at dusk we all went out to the driveway. These are the little firecracker packets that a child can throw on the ground to see a spark and hear it pop. We found ourselves searching for the duds and stomping on them, all the while realizing it probably looked like a very strange dance to the neighbors across the street. Oh, well...

They vacillated but then they made up their minds to go see TRON in 3D. Ayden and I snuggled on the couch and watched Toy Story 3 with his tub of Christmas popcorn. I don't enjoy all the yelling in these movies, but in the end I found myself reminiscing about toys I had loved as a child. I would enjoy seeing a Betsy McCall doll like the one I had in 1963 and a Chatty Cathy with long red/brown hair, without my added haircut, of course. My brother's plastic train set would also be fun to play with again. (In my mind I'm seeing the 1962 Christmas picture of me in front of the tree assembling it - pretending to be doing it for him!)

The day came to its end with Aaron challenging his dad to a video game: TRON, of course, featuring the throwing of "light disks." So, I guess we would have to call this Disk Day!