August 4, 2010

50 Years of Sprinkling

I ran through the sprinkler with my grandson today, and I haven’t done that in Texas in 50 years! I don’t know what this neighborhood thinks of me, but I hope they see how much fun people can have if they take a little time to play with a child!

Ayden’s San Angelo parents and I enjoyed another sweet bonding time till rather late last night, so I got up too late this morning for Plan A: get a jog before they leave for work. Consequently, I kicked into Plan B: work out/play with Ayden. He played in the sprinkler alone for awhile as I jogged up and down the street in front of his house. Then I joined him! I slipped my swimsuit and my skirt covering on and had a blast teaching him how to gargle, not get it up his nose, not spit it out on grandma, and manipulate the spray with the airplane pose. We observed how only one side of the tree was getting wet, while at the same time we were totally soaked!

I sloshed indoors to get some towels and my camera and we played for another half hour getting some wonderful shots of a grandma and a kid enjoying the water.

Oh yeah, I had also served my country by washing the car for a couple of Air Force sergeants (my kids) before the water sports began. Water work before water play! That all happened before breakfast and before his Grandpa was out of bed back in Oregon. Not bad for an old girl, eh?