September 4, 2008

Back into Chickens

Okay, this seems totally weird, but I've got chickens again!

I just couldn't help it.

I'm going to school full-time next term, and here I am diving in to chickens! What am I thinking? I'll tell you what... they are the project, the relief, the diversion that I need right now. Anyway, that sounds like a good excuse. I told my husband that "I'm a woman, and my children are gone, and I need something to nurture". That's a good excuse, too!

At any rate, here's my new word: frugalmaniac! I'm determined to NOT spend excessive amounts of cash on these birds.

Look at the picture (if I can post it correctly) - I'm using the plastic compost bin for their housing, letting them eat table scraps and bits of this and that all day, and confining them for their safety at night. The picture shows a ground-level holding pen for chicks. That window she's looking out of is where a drawer used to be: it's the piece that fit under my kids' bunk beds! The wire is a piece I pulled off of our former chicken pen. Oh, yeah, and I got the chickens free from postings on Craigslist!

It's not totally maniacal, just slightly.

Chickens are not the fluffy, furry, cuddly, affectionate pets I'd always adored as a child. Who do you know that dreamed of having a pet chicken one day?

Not I -- I wanted a puppy! But having dogs on this property is torture. They run and chase rabbits all over the hills, then come home to share the poison oak they've carefully rubbed themselves in - with me - and I'm VERY allergic! And the poor pooch doesn't know why I don't scratch his head. It's just not natural to deny him that. And it's not fair. So, we don't have a dog...

But chickens are very happy if you don't pet them, thank you very much!

And how many pets do you know that can provide you your breakfast - especially without dying for it?

Okay, that's enough reasons.

The bottom line is: they're just crazily entertaining.