May 23, 2011

My Dad's Old News

Just a brief note on this cloudy, sunny, showering, hailing, beautiful valley May day!

I created a photo album for my father last October with notes from family and friends. I had them printed out at Wal Mart, then arranged them carefully in a small album for him to keep nearby. I published them all here on my blog (see below) so the contributors could see how I put it all together. But I found that I didn't want to remove them, even 6 months later! They weren't written for me personally, but I still find them uplifting.

Why do people miss their scrapbooks and photo albums most of all when they are lost to fire or storm? Old news is valuable stuff. Looking in the past helps us keep our balance in the present and gives us hope for the future. (Wow, that's insightful! Did I make that up?)

Old news = present balance = future hope. Yes, I like that!