December 22, 2010

Day 4 - Christmas in San Angelo

We played with the marble shooters on the hallway floor today while my son and husband made the guest bathroom a construction zone. When I was here in August we stacked up things we'd found on our walks to make targets, like feathers and sticks. Today Ayden's step-mom suggested his hot wheels track might make shooting a little more interesting. It did! We got the marbles squared up to launch at stacked pop cans, creating the necessary racket that's appropriate with such endeavors.

Earlier in the day the tree got itself decorated. I say it that way because I contributed very little to its beautifying. It took me quite awhile to stretch out the tight places after my run this morning, so I watched shiny lovely colorful things join themselves to the tree from my various contorted angles on the floor. When we were both done, the tree and I, we shared the satisfaction of "well done." It's makeover made it shinier and brighter. My makeover made me stand taller and walk stronger. Win/win!

Sarah whipped up another wonderful meal and invited her friend over with her little boy to share it with us this evening. Aaron seemed surprised with the amount of noise two boys can make. I just grinned and reminded him he was one of three little boys! His little sister wasn't shy about diving right in, so we usually had a hefty level of noise going on ourselves. Better than watching someone else have all the fun, I say!